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Fighting for Alberta’s place in Canada
July 12, 2021

The Liberals are going after free speech
July 5, 2021

Let’s celebrate Canada
June 28, 2021

The “woke” mob is now going after the ultimate anti-fascist
June 21, 2021

Closure of Northlands leaves hole in Edmonton’s heart
June 14, 2021

Here’s my answer to a popular question
June 7, 2021 

I oppose the Liberals’ plan to censor the internet
May 31, 2021

All Canadians can come together in support of natural resource sector
May 25, 2021

Residents concerned about new homeless shelter in their neighbourhood
May 17, 2021

The Liberals’ “censorship” act, Bill C-10 is quickly unravelling
May 10, 2021

Folks are worried about internet censorship
May 3, 2021

Trudeau and his Liberals have done a terrible job fighting COVID
Apr. 26, 2021

Liberal budget is a runaway train of out-of-control spending
Apr. 19, 2021

Election on menu at Liberal convention
Apr. 12, 2021

Pay hike for MPs is controversial
Apr. 6, 2021

Green party proposes lowering voting age to 16
Mar. 29, 2021