May 10, 2021

The Liberals’ “censorship” act, Bill C-10 is quickly unravelling

In a Sunday (May 9) interview with Evan Solomon of CTV, the Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault repeatedly said that Bill C-10 would allow the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to regulate individuals’ social media posts.

Yet, within 24 hours there was a change of tune.

Now the minister is saying the legislation didn’t do what he clearly said it did the day before.

If the minister in charge of the file can’t understand his own legislation there is a serious problem.

We’ve seen time and again the Liberals push through legislation saying one thing and meaning another. This is just the latest example.

Canadians simply can’t trust the Liberals to regulate their online content.

Free and open debate is an essential principle in a democratic society.

So why exactly are the Liberals threatening to shut it down?

Are you concerned about the Liberals plan to censor your internet posts? please sign my online petition and share it on social media.





May is MS Awareness Month

May is MS Awareness Month.

I was pleased to read a statement in the virtual House of Commons about this. 

More than 90,000 Canadians live with MS.

We have one of the highest rates of MS in the world.

Together, let’s raise awareness in support of people living with MS.


Trudeau targeting cities to ban handguns is misguided

Edmonton City Councillor
(Guest Column) 

Much of Edmonton Griesbach overlaps with Ward 3 and your Member of Parliament, Kerry Diotte, graciously allowed me to chime in to bring some light to where municipal and federal issues overlap.

Justin Trudeau has allowed cities the power to ban law-abiding citizens from owning or purchasing handguns in a ham-fisted and misguided attempt to reduce crime. As your City Councillor, I can’t stress enough how ridiculous that sounds. I believe his hope is that big city mayors will do something that he could not otherwise achieve, and this is another reason why paying attention to municipal politics is important.

Let’s look at some stats. According to a presentation by Statistics Canada to the Senate, 21% of violent crimes are committed with a weapon, and of that 21%, only three percent are with a gun. A smaller percentage of that is handguns. Are these violent crimes being committed by law-abiding citizens? The report goes on to say that 87% of gang-related homicides were committed with a firearm.

In the U.S.A. less than 15% of gun related crimes were committed with a legally purchased gun. It would be handy to point to a statistic like this for Canada, except we don’t track this information. So where is the federal government getting their data to show that a handgun ban would be  effective at reducing crime? That is a great question.

What is known is that the vast majority of all weapons used in crime are smuggled and obtained from the underground, so making a law that targets law-abiding gun owners is naive and ineffective and punishes upstanding citizens.

To reduce gun crime it would be more effective to give our police officers the funding they need to do their difficult jobs. We also need more funding for our men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us. We need the funding more than ever after City Council gave in to calls to defund the police, something I adamantly opposed. What we need to do is fund the police adequately so that crime goes down, not spend money going after law abiding citizens.

I’m also currently a member of the military and I train on safe use of firearms once a year. Many people I know have licensed handguns for sport shooting or hunting. 

A ban on handguns would be short-sighted and not something I would support if it came before council. 

Here’s to hoping that no other councillor decides to pursue this scheme from Justin Trudeau.

Jon Dziadyk is a north-side Edmonton city councillor who can be reached at [email protected]

I spoke with Russian dissident opposed to Putin’s dictatorship 

I was glad to have the opportunity to question the top aide to imprisoned Russian dissident Alexei Navalny at our Foreign Affairs committee. Canada must always do as much as we can to support democracy worldwide.



Thanks for signing our Bring Back Bachman petition

As promised to all of you who’ve signed the petition. I’ve sent the following letter to CBC on your behalf: 

May 10, 2021

Dear Catherine Tait:

I’m writing to you on behalf of scores of Canadians who are concerned with your recent step to cancel Randy Bachman’s radio show, Vinyl Tap.

I created a petition because so many people were upset by CBC’s decision. 

As such I’ve told petitioners I would raise the issue with you on their behalf. 

Part of the CBC’s mandate is to promote Canadian culture.

Bachman is a Canadian musical icon and a core part of our cultural landscape.

As the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Griesbach I’m requesting you revisit this decision and renew Bachman’s show.


Kerry Diotte 
Member of Parliament 
Edmonton Griesbach

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You said it

— “We need integrity in government, this group has none.” [On Liberals’ Bill C-10] —  Carol H. 

—  “Stop spending so much money and making Canada less affordable” — Kirk C. 

—  “No pipeline, no equalization payments.” —  Gordon T.

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