May 17, 2021

Residents concerned about new homeless shelter in their neighbourhood

I’ve talked to constituents in my riding concerned with the creation of a new homeless shelter at the former Northlands Spectrum.

These constituents raised serious concerns about a lack of consultation in the City’s plan.

They’re also concerned there aren’t enough resources in place to ensure public safety. 

I sent a letter to the mayor demanding their concerns are listened to and resources are provided. 

See my letter to the mayor below.


Erin O’Toole says his government will repeal Bill C-10, should it pass


If Bill C-10 becomes law, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole says he will repeal the controversial internet regulation bill if he is elected Prime Minister.

According to O’Toole, the Liberals are “radically” altering how Canadians are expected to use the internet and could open the door for “massive abuse of power.” 

“Canada’s Conservatives support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters, and championing Canadian arts and culture. A Conservative government would do so without compromising Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms,” said O’Toole in a statement released on Thursday.

“We are calling on Justin Trudeau to withdraw Bill C-10 today. If this is not done, a Conservative government will stand up for Canadians and repeal this deeply flawed legislation. While the NDP and the Bloc may look the other way on the freedom of expression, Canada’s Conservatives will not.”

(Find the full article by True North News at the link below.)




Amarjeet Sohi is running for mayor

Those on the political left have their dream candidate with defeated Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi announcing he wants to continue in Don Iveson’s footsteps.




Feds spent millions making sure staff were comfy while working from home

I requested this information on Liberal government spending and received this data via a type of access-to-information request.

There was some outrageous spending in the more than 1,800 pages of documents. 



Are you concerned about the Liberals plan to censor the internet?

If so please sign my online petition. I’ll be writing to the prime minister and the minister of Canadian heritage demanding they shutter this bill on your behalf.





In the news

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— Liberals’ dangerous arrogance didn’t begin and won’t end with internet-regulation bill. Link

You said it

— “I am increasingly alarmed by the radical left. Please help in defending the name of our great country Canada!” —  Anonymous 

—  “Trudeau needs to go, along with the NDP.” — Joyce K. 

—  “Make jobs, jobs, jobs to make more money to pay off the debt and balance the budget.” [Their priorities] —  M.C.

 Last week’s straw poll results 

In my last e-newsletter, I asked if people found the census process easy. 

A clear majority said they had no issues.  

A big thanks to everyone who took part.



Have your say

In the aftermath of the WE Charity scandal and the score of ethical violations committed by the Trudeau Liberals, do you support stronger ethic laws?

I’ll post the results in next week’s e-newsletter.





Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Health Services or the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Alberta Health Services can also be reached by phone at 811. 

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family during this COVID pandemic. 





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