What they say about Kerry
Jason Kenney
Former Alberta Premier
Kerry Diotte is the real deal. A straight-talking, hardworking fighter for regular Albertans. I hope he will be part of the blue wave under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre that finally removes the worst government in Canada’s modern history!
Kerry is a man of integrity who has worked tirelessly for the Conservative movement.
Kaycee Madu
Former Alberta Deputy Premier
Michael L. MacDonald
Kerry is a true-blue Conservative who worked tirelessly for his constituents in Edmonton Griesbach and is our party’s best hope to win back the riding from the NDP MP whose party is keeping Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in power.
As MP colleagues, I knew Kerry as an excellent communicator, dedicated to helping his constituents. I greatly look forward to working with him again when Conservatives win the next election.
Gerald Soroka
Robert Kitchen
Kerry was a great person to work with and was a valuable asset to our Conservative team. It is clear that he is strongly committed to representing the people of Edmonton Griesbach, and I hope to work with him again in the future as we continue to hold the Liberals to account and work to change this present government.
I’ve canvassed during election campaigns with Kerry and he excels at connecting with people — especially at the doors. With his experience and know-how we will win back his riding of Edmonton Griesbach from the Trudeau-supporting NDP MP.
Matt Jeneroux
Marilyn Gladu
Kerry was an excellent representative for his community. His hard work and collegial nature helped to make him an important part of our team. We want to have him back as the MP for Edmonton Griesbach under a Pierre Poilievre majority government!
It was an honour to work with Kerry in the House of Commons. He was unwavering in his commitment to both his constituents and the country and was always willing to help anyone in need. Edmonton Griesbach and Canada would be better served with Kerry Diotte as a Member of Parliament once again.
Leona Alleslev
Former MP
Len Webber
Kerry was an outstanding MP and great Conservative team member in the two terms he served. He’s the best candidate to hit the ground running so we can defeat the NDP in his Edmonton Griesbach riding.
Kerry was a super colleague and a true conservative. He’s a team player and a voice of truth and reason for Edmonton Griesbach. Our team is stronger with him and we look forward to him returning as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Griesbach in a Poilievere Government.
Stephanie Kusie
John Barlow
It was an honour serving with Kerry in the House of Commons. He was a steadfast voice for for his constituents and a relentless advocate for Alberta's energy sector. We need him back in the House as MP for Edmonton Griesbach.
Kerry is straightforward with a caring heart for people. His skills as a clear communicator are essential in Parliament. We need him back in Ottawa.
Tamara Jansen
Former MP
Damien C. Kurek
It was an honour to serve in Parliament with Kerry. He is a principled Conservative and energetic representative and I saw firsthand how he fought for the folks in Edmonton-Griesbach. He was a valuable member of the Conservative Team in two previous Parliaments, and I know he would make be a strong member of a Pierre Pollievre Conservative Government after the next election!
Kerry Diotte was a solid MP who communicated exceedingly well with his constituents and fought for their issues. We need him back in Ottawa as part of a Pierre Poilievre Conservative government.
Michael Cooper
Cheryl Gallant
Kerry's tireless efforts as an MP were invaluable when we worked together in the House of Commons. We need him back in Parliament helping our Conservative caucus make life affordable for Canadians.
I have known Kerry for many years and he is a principled true Conservative. I know no other MP who works as hard in their riding or in Ottawa than Kerry. He has my full support!
Bob Zimmer
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