July 12, 2021

Fighting for Alberta’s place in Canada

This past year has been tough.

We’ve been locked down, businesses have closed and we’ve lost loved ones. It’s been a year of headache and heartache.

But as we begin to return to normal we need to make sure that leadership takes us in the right direction.

We need a government in Ottawa to support our interests and our future prosperity.

Under Trudeau’s leadership, Ottawa has failed to support Alberta. We need better from Ottawa!

Alberta has long been the fiscal engine that has powered Canada.

Since 1967 Albertans have contributed more than $600 billion to the rest of Canada.

But now we’re in hard times (made worse by Ottawa). At every step of the way, the Trudeau Liberals have hamstrung our economic development.

They’ve gone out of their way to prevent us from exporting our largest resource. Even former NDP Premier Rachel Notley called these Trudeau policies “a stampede of stupid.”

We need a government in Ottawa that’s committed to Alberta’s recovery and future prosperity.

Canada is made of 10 provinces and three territories, too often Trudeau forgets that.

I’m proposing meaningful action to improve national unity and ensure equalization fairness, such as:

1. Removing the per person payout cap.

2. Lowering the revenue decline threshold so that it’s triggered at 3% rather than the current 5%.

3. Lowering the resource revenue decline threshold so that it’s triggered at 40% rather than the current 50%.

4. Making these changes retroactive to 2015.

The equalization rebate will mean provinces that have given more than their fair share during difficult times are compensated.

Albertans deserve to be treated fairly.

What’s not to understand (and abhor) about ‘burn it all down’?

National Post

“Burn it all down.”

Just to set the stage: Two Catholic churches had been burned down, when the executive director and long-time member of the BC Civil Liberties Association blasted “Burn it all down” over her Twitter feed. Burn it all down, hardly a placatory, peace-seeking message to the province or its people from the BCCLA.

What responsible body, what person leading a responsible body, would think or utter such a thing; an urging, a provocation to the arson of holy buildings, a total arson of all churches, during a time of civil sorrow and anger?

Does “burn it all down” sound like a reasonable call to action from any group or organization? Anytime? From a civil rights organization, it is immensely discordant. And during an extremely tense and deeply emotional time it is dangerously irresponsible. Many more churches indeed, have burned down since.

(Read the full article online at the link below)




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A new playground has been built at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School

Thanks to all the volunteers — including teachers and school trustees from Edmonton Catholic School Division — building the amazing playground at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School in our federal riding of Edmonton Griesbach. Thanks also to all who donated to make it happen. Enjoy this video showcasing everyone’s hard work.

I’m proud to support Sport Central

I was glad to attend the Sport Central Volunteer and Supporter BBQ. Lots of people support this amazing organization including Sportsnet journalist Mark Spector. If you’ve got sporting goods — especially bicycles — Sport Central will recycle them for people in need. Thanks for all the good work your organization does. Golfers might want to support their upcoming golf tournament.

In the news

— Finance Department defies precedent, says it can delay law that eases tax burden for small businesses. Link

— Judge slaps down Trudeau government for denying summer job grants to Christian university. Link

— What ‘burn it all down’ church-hating extremists need to hear. Link

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— For Canadian Jews, the history of hatred repeats itself. Link

— Trudeau’s inability to stand against China is a stain on Canada. Link


You said it

—  [On church fires] “Arson is arson.” — Duncan H.  

— “If a retail place of business requires that I wear a mask, I will. I carry one with me, but I do not automatically put it on to enter a business.” — Pat S.

—  “I will wear a mask if the shop owner is uncomfortable with me mask less.” — Irene A.

Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks if they’ll voluntarily wear masks in retail outlets after the mandatory masking rule has ended.

The majority said they wouldn’t. 

Whatever you choose to do, please keep safety in mind.    

A big thanks to everyone who took part. 


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