June 21, 2021

The “woke” mob is now going after the ultimate anti-fascist

The recent desecration of Winston Churchill’s statue in Edmonton’s Sir Winston Churchill Square with blood-red paint is alarming and disgusting. 

Churchill was the British leader in charge when Britain and its allies, including Canada, defeated the fascist Nazis. 

He was a war veteran himself, a Nobel-prize-winning writer, noted historian, prolific painter and social reformer who championed workers’ social security and prison reform. 

I’d guess the person(s) who performed this illegal act of vandalism chose to ignore all of that to focus on some of Churchill’s imperfect actions during imperfect and different times — gauging his legacy by 2021 moralistic/woke standards. 

But we must remember history, celebrate the good and learn from the bad. We must not take a lesson from Marxists and other leftists who want to re-write history or wipe it out. 

We must never tolerate or excuse destruction of public property. We must always condemn that unequivocally and punish those responsible. Destruction of public property isn’t petty. It’s a Criminal Code violation.

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The Liberals are failing to provide answers on our border 

Justin Trudeau has constantly been wrong about the border.

Early on, when the pandemic first started, we Conservatives called for the government to shut down flights from COVID hotspots, but we were called intolerant and even racist for suggesting that.

Thankfully, common sense eventually prevailed. 

Yet, even as deadly new variants developed in certain countries, the Liberals delayed the implementation of reasonable precautions.

Now as things begin to improve, the Liberals don’t have a plan to reopen the land border with the United States.

The border is essential. The United States is our largest trading partner and the border closure directly affects many of my constituents. 

Yet, despite the significant drop in COVID-19 cases and mass vaccinations now finally here in Canada, our land border remains closed.

It’s actually harder right now to drive to Montana than it’s to fly to Europe. 

Even worse, the Liberals have failed to be transparent about the process.

This lack of transparency hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Canadian businesses are increasingly frustrated as they’re unable to plan for the future. 

Our American partners are also frustrated. Democratic Congressmen Brian Higgins went so far as to say, “there’s no other way to say it: another month’s delay is b***s***.”

It’s essential that the government immediately lays out a clear and transparent plan for the safe reopening of the border.

Canadians need that certainty! 

How Bill C-10 interferes with your rights to freedom of expression

Watch my friend and colleague Pierre Poilievre MP speak out against the Liberals’ Bill C-10.  

Tell me your most memorable K-Days story

You know that Edmonton’s historic non-profit volunteer organization Northlands is folding after 142 years in service. It produced several major annual events, the biggest one being the K-Days Exhibition. 

Scores of Edmontonians have participated in the annual party known as 
K-Days each year. I’d love to hear about your favourite, funniest, fondest or craziest K-Days story.

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You said it

—  “Northlands was a very important part of Edmonton and community for many, many years. I would like to see it given back to the great people of this city! Very sad that this has even happened! Can this decision be reversed?” — Dianne M.  

— “Keep up all of your good work. Please don’t let [the PM] run roughshod over parliament” — Philip S.

—  “If it wasn’t for Churchill’s actions in the 40’s we would all be speaking German today.” — Quinn D.

Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks what they thought about the plans to close Northlands after 142 years in service. 

Most people who responded thought it was bad news for Edmonton.  

A big thanks to everyone who took part and left comments. 


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