June 14, 2021

Closure of Northlands leaves hole in Edmonton’s heart

Member of Parliament

There was some very big and sad news this week that barely made headlines in this era of the diminishing quality of mainstream journalism.

After 142 years, the non-profit volunteer organization Northlands announced it’s folding.

The closure of Northlands leaves a hole in the heart of Edmonton — literally and figuratively.

The beginning of the end of the operation began when the City of Edmonton struck a deal to build a downtown arena for the Edmonton Oilers and owner Daryl Katz that saw the team move out of Northlands’ Coliseum after playing the last game there in spring 2016.

For decades, the community organization thrived, putting on major events at the Coliseum including concerts and Oilers hockey. 

Powered by thousands of volunteers and staff over the years, Northlands also produced Edmonton’s K-Days parade, the K-Days exhibition, Farm Fair International, Canadian Finals Rodeo and other sports and cultural events at its massive 200-acre north-side campus.

It also ran the very successful Northlands Park racetrack and the Edmonton Expo Centre.

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I’ve written to Trudeau demanding he doesn’t censor online speech

Several hundred constituents have taken the time to sign my petition calling on the government to abandon Bill C-10, the Liberals’ “censorship bill.” 

Bill C-10 poses a real risk to the rights of Canadians. 

Canada is a free society and in a free society people need to have the freedom to access the internet without government censorship. 

This Liberal bill is nothing short of an assault on free expression.

As a long-time journalist and free speech advocate, the idea of Trudeau’s political appointees having a say on what Canadians can say online is outrageous.

That’s why I created a petition for Canadians to show their opposition to online censorship.

As promised I’ve written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Steven Guilbeault.

A big thanks for everyone who took the time to sign the petition.  


Liberals use ‘secret law making’ to rush through Bill C-10 

National Post

The House of Commons heritage committee has been accused of “secret law-making” as it rushes to pass the controversial C-10 broadcasting bill.

The bill, which critics say impacts free speech, was subject to additional amendments at the committee on Thursday and Friday — but those changes to the legislation won’t be released to the public until at least next week.

“I find it shocking and deeply troubling that the committee is proceeding with clause-by-clause by voting on amendments that have not been made public, are not subject to debate, and there are no experts available to answer questions,” said University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist. Geist, a vocal critic of the bill, said that process amounts to secret law-making.

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Win a lunch with your Member of Parliament 

Talking with you and hearing your feedback is the most important part of my job as your Member of Parliament.

I’ll be hosting one lucky subscriber of my e-newsletter this summer for lunch. 

We’ll have a chance to talk directly about the issues that matter most to  you.  

To be considered all you have to do is subscribe to my e-newsletter and be a constituent of Edmonton Griesbach. 

I’ll be drawing the winner later this summer.  

If you know anyone who may be interested they can subscribe at: kerrydiotte.com/newsletter-subscription/

The Liberals need to stop wasting your money 

Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are spending your tax money at an alarming rate.

I detailed some of the low-lights when I spoke in the virtual House of Commons about the Liberals’ proposed budget known as Bill C-30 (the budget implementation bill).

Check out my speech above. 


Tell me your most memorable K-Days story

You know that Edmonton’s historic non-profit volunteer organization Northlands is folding after 142 years in service. It produced several major annual events, the biggest one being the K-Days Exhibition. 

Scores of Edmontonians have participated in the annual party known as 
K-Days each year. I’d love to hear about your favourite, funniest, fondest or craziest K-Days story.

Send them to me and I might highlight your story in an upcoming e-newsletter. 

You can reach me at: [email protected]


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You said it

—  “Almost everything in the grocery stores does cost more with less amounts in the packages and containers.” Cheryl M.  

— “Kerry, keep fighting for us just as we are fighting to stay afloat. Just as my grandparents that came here 120 years ago never give up.” — Ken P.

—  “We need to have lower prices that people can afford.” —  Allen M.

Last week’s straw poll results 

Last week I asked folks if they had noticed they were paying more for groceries. 

The vast majority said they’ve noticed an increase of prices. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part.


Have your say

Edmonton’s historic non-profit volunteer organization Northlands is folding after 142 years in service. Do you think this is good news or bad news for Edmonton?

I’ll post the results in next week’s e-newsletter.





Latest news on COVID-19 


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Alberta Health Services can also be reached by phone at 811. 

Benefits available for Canadians

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