May 3, 2021

Folks are worried about internet censorship

Over the last two weeks I’ve heard from scores of people concerned about, Bill C-10 — An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act.

Despite its name, this Liberal bill is nothing short of an assault on free expression.

The bill would allow the government to regulate and restrict “broadcasts.”

What will they define as “broadcasts” you ask? 

“It’s your Facebook post. It’s your tweet. It’s your cat videos. It’s your pictures of your children and grandchildren and that sort of stuff,” said Peter Menzies, former CRTC vice-chair.

Canada is a free society and in a free society people need to have the freedom to access the internet.

This bill is completely out of line. 

If you agree please sign my petition against the Liberal government’s plan to censor free speech on the internet.






Instagram censored my comments on Trudeau’s vaccine failure

Watch my interview with CityNews Edmonton above. 

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are in 2021. Sometimes it feels like we’re in 1984. 

Last week, I shared a graphic noting the global scrutiny Justin Trudeau’s failure to procure vaccines has come under.

This is a well documented issue and multiple international and Canadian news agencies have commented on it, including CNN, BBC, etc.

Yet, despite the factualness of the post, Instagram censored it.

This is extremely alarming.

The idea that web giants are silencing Canadians when they criticize our government is an outrage. 

There’s serious problems with the Liberals COVID-19 policies. Every Canadian needs to be free to voice their concerns and push for better outcomes. After all, that’s what democracy is all about.

If you are looking for up-to-date information on the COVID-19 virus and public health announcements please check with Alberta Health Services or the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Must see video: Liberals ridiculous defence of online censorship

Liberal Minister Steven Guilbeault offers his confused rationale for taking out “user-generated” content from Bill C-10. Watch the video and judge for yourself. 

We Conservatives remain the only federal party opposed to the Liberals online censorship bill. 

The Liberals have failed on vaccines 

Dozens of countries around the world have fully vaccinated more people against COVID than Canada. Liberals have failed Canadians.

May is MS Awareness Month


Great to talk with the good folks of the MS Society. Let’s all do our part and support everyone living with MS.

I had a great chat with the leaders of the Africa Centre

I’m always glad to meet with our friends at the Africa Centre to help support the good work they do in the community.

In the news

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You said it

— “Kerry, even though I don’t live in your riding, I still appreciate receiving your emails and getting a chance to give insight as a constituent and citizen and also participate in your polls.” —  Kathy H. 

—  Yes, the travel ban should have been done months ago, common sense!” —  Allen M. 

—  “All was too slow from the very beginning of the pandemic! This government is not solving problems just creating more!” —  Hazel C.

Last week’s straw poll results


In my last e-newsletter, I asked folks if they thought the Liberals were too slow to ban travel from COVID-19 hot spots. 

Folks were unanimous in saying the Liberals were too slow to introduce tough border controls. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part. I always appreciate hearing from you. 


Latest news on COVID-19 


You can find up-to-date information from Alberta Health Services or the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Alberta Health Services can also be reached by phone at 811. 

Benefits available for Canadians

There are programs available to help you and your family during this COVID pandemic. 





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