June 14, 2021

I’ve written to Trudeau demanding he doesn’t censor online speech

Several hundred constituents have taken the time to sign my petition calling on the government to abandon Bill C-10, the Liberals’ “censorship bill.” 

Bill C-10 poses a real risk to the rights of Canadians. 

Canada is a free society and in a free society people need to have the freedom to access the internet without government censorship. 

This Liberal bill is nothing short of an assault on free expression.

As a long-time journalist and free speech advocate, the idea of Trudeau’s political appointees having a say on what Canadians can say online is outrageous.

That’s why I created a petition for Canadians to show their opposition to online censorship.

As promised I’ve written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Steven Guilbeault.

A big thanks for everyone who took the time to sign the petition.  


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