March 25, 2022

Let’s oust Team Justin/Jagmeet from Edmonton Griesbach


Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are out to destroy this country.

And the recent backroom deal between them shows they’re in lockstep to do just that.

These two are truly Toxic Twins whose out-of-control spending policies and far-left agenda will leave all Canadians poorer at a time when the country is already reeling after enduring the worst of the COVID pandemic.

They’re toxic to our pocket books. Toxic to our lifeblood energy industry. Toxic to our children’s future.

Remember. This past September the Liberals didn’t win enough seats to form a majority government.

Canadians didn’t give them that because we don’t trust Trudeau’s Liberals or Singh’s NDP.

So these two had to resort to a slimy, behind-closed-doors backroom deal to essentially achieve a majority government Canadians didn’t want.

My friend and former colleague Pierre Poilievre summarized it well, by saying this devious Justin-Jagmeet pact means we now essentially have Canada’s first NDP federal government.

We’re already deep in the hole with runaway federal spending.

Right now the national debt is almost $1.2 trillion dollars and it’s increasing by $400 million a day and a head-spinning $4,500 per second! That’s what’s fuelling inflation we see at the pumps and at the grocery store checkouts.

Now the Justin-Jagmeet juggernaut want to spend even more money that we don’t have.

You know new and increased taxes are coming down the pipe soon.

They’ll make everything we have to purchase even more expensive than things are already.

Have you seen the price of groceries? Building materials? Gas?

The Toxic Twins of runaway spending say they’re going to support one another until 2025 — three long years.

But anything can happen in politics. So we have to be ready in a heart-beat just in case the deal between this terrible twosome crumbles.

Canadians want a common-sense, fiscally accountable government that cares about you and your family — that works to bolster the economy (let’s get some pipelines built) while reining in runaway spending so you’ll have more money in your pocket.

I’m committed to running again in Edmonton Griesbach, so we can win back that seat from Singh’s NDP. People in the riding didn’t vote for a majority NDP government and I know the majority aren’t  pleased with this despicable Justin-Jagmeet pact.

You know our national Conservative party is holding a leadership race and that alone will help grow our membership and reinvigorate people. It will also help highlight that Conservatives are ready to defeat this terrible coalition and form government.

I’m on Pierre Poilievre’s team. He’s already shown he’s a leader. He’s intelligent, hard-working and he strikes fear into the heart of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

Together we can defeat these Toxic Twins — and return Canada to prosperity.

Want to help us win back Griesbach? Want to help in other ridings?

There’s no better time to get involved with federal Conservative politics.

Reach out to me anytime. 

(E-mail [email protected])

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