May 28, 2021

Canada Day Quiz Answers

  1. When did British Columbia become part of Canada?
    A) 1871 B) 1869 C) 1876
  2. What is Canada’s national summer sport?
    A) basketball B) lacrosse C) football
  3. Of these Canadians who has won the most Grammy awards?
    A) Celine Dion B) Shania Twain C) David Foster
  4. What was the name of the famous Indigenous leader who helped save Canada in the War of 1812?
    A) Tecumseh B) Thayendanegea/Joseph Brant C) Tommy Prince
  5. Which famous Canadian led the Canadian Corps during the First World War?
    A) Sir Douglas Haig B) Harry Crerar C) Sir Arthur Currie
  6. The name Canada comes from the Indigenous Huron-Iroquois word Kanata. What does it mean?
    A) a village or settlement B) home C) beaver dam
  7. Which city is home to Canada’s first mosque?
    A) Edmonton B) Toronto C) Montreal
  8. What year did Lord Stanley commission the Stanley Cup?
    A) 1901 B) 1892 C) 1874

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